Joshua Ellis is immensely proud of its industrial heritage and roots, pouring heart and soul into every metre of fabric it produces. The mill hums daily with the manufacturing of the world’s finest fibres - cashmere, camel hair and lambswool - into the most exclusive fabrics and accessories; just as it has for over 250 years, with traditional skills still being passed down from generation to generation. 

Situated in Yorkshire in the north of England, in the heartland of the wool industry and a region built on skills, technical prowess and soft water, Joshua Ellis was established in1767 to produce the heavier woollen cloths necessary for warmth and durability. Since then, modern machinery has been married with age-old manufacturing techniques to produce the collections of luxurious fabrics that they offer today. 

Every piece of fabric goes through 21 different processes, before it is deemed perfect for sale. Each stage from design to yarn spinning, weaving, finishing to final inspection is carefully executed their own special way, in their own factory, to make sure that the design and quality is second to none.

With cashmere fabrics from Joshua Ellis, you have the essential ingredients to create something very special. From cashmere jacketing fabrics to specific uses such as cashmere duffle coat fabric, their fabric is available as swatches and can be shipped to you or directly to your tailor. 

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