our Legacy

Since our formation we have been guided by the values and
responsibilities passed down through the generations, we operate with the
upmost integrity, not just with our partners but with our own team and wider
community. For us its important that we continue along a journey laced with
responsibilities and regulatory compliance, on which respects out supply chain,
people, animals and the environment recognising that each plays a part in our
continued success.  

When ensure or partners have traceability when they are sourcing their raw materials throughout their supply chain. Complying with the fundamental principles of animal welfare, adhering to the five freedoms and defined by the World Organisation for Animal Health.

Many of our suppliers cloths are fully certified to Responsible Wool Standards (RWS) and Responsible Mohair Standards (RMS) an international voluntary standard to provide the industry with a global benchmark.

Many ensure that they are compliant with the requirements of environmental legislation and codes of practice such as ISO 14001.

As a business that has grown from the heart of the textile community we take responsibility for creating benefits both within and around our business and endeavour to make our impact a positive one. We are fully committed to adding value to the communities within which we work, fostering relationships through sourcing local labour, equipment and materials where possible.

We recognise that people are our most valuable asset at Pepper Lee and their performance is key to our success, so investment in training and development will allow us to retain the best possible talent.

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