At Pepper Lee we make ordering the world’s finest cloth simple. Stocking and delivering bunches from the world's most iconic mills and merchants in the home of textiles, Yorkshire, England. Long been the epicentre of luxury cloth manufacturing, Yorkshire, England has a rich textile heritage that for centuries has supplied the world with suiting fabrics of renown that has signified status, class and power. We’re proud to carry on those traditions sourcing our cloths from the manufacturers of the mill towns that are the very soul of an global industry weaving the beauty of their heritage into every metre of cloth they produce.


For over 200 years John Foster has been producing the world’s finest worsted suiting cloths from luxurious merino wool, mohair, alpaca and cashmere. Supplying many of the leading fashion houses and garment makers around the world from their mill in Yorkshire, England. Their standing for capturing centuries of weaving skills with design innovation and technological investment create the finest English fabrics. 


Boasting a vibrant, distinctive and luxurious collection of woollen jacketing, coating and twist suitings, Kynoch blends modern manufacturing with traditional skills to weave depth, sophistication and character into every metre of cloth. Since 1788 Kynoch has captured the palette of colours found in the beautiful countryside of the Scottish Borders.


Named after its founder in 1875 William Halstead is world famous for weaving the finest mohair and traditional worsted suit cloths. They consistently produce an inspiring collection of innovative designs and quintessentially British look. A regular supplier to the world's most iconic luxury fashion brands they are synonymous with Mohair blends, no other weaver offers the expertise and in working with this challenging natural fibre which in turn points to the quality of all their worsted cloths. 



A pinnacle of luxury - Escorial is one of the world’s rarest and most exclusive fibres from small sheep descended from the Spanish Royal flocks of El Escorial, only found in small numbers across Australia and New Zealand. Its heritage, authenticity and rarity combine to make it the pinnacle of luxury. The fibres perform as a naturally coiled spring trapping air and giving the yarn an elastic crease-free nature, these unique characteristics that make it feel feather-light whilst being renowned for their comfort, providing an exception-wearing experience. 


Renowned for producing the finest cashmere and woollen cloth used for jacketing and a range of cashmere accessories. Since 1767 Joshua Ellis has celebrated a distinguished heritage of British Manufacturing with a steadfast reputation for luxury and quality. Over the past 250 years their skilled workforce have passed down experience generation to generation continuing production in the heart of Yorkshire. 

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