“Spun from the heart, woven from the soul”

Kynoch of Scotland's collections are creative, innovative, and rich in textile history and expertise. They reflect the unique influences that have been woven into their business over centuries.

Nestling in the distinguished textile town of Langholm, on the Scottish Borders, Kynoch’s cloth reflects the unique character and influences which have been woven into their business for over two-hundred years.

The family-owned company is delighted to see its cloth being enjoyed from international catwalks, to Sunday afternoon strolls. They are proud to bring together the heart and soul of textiles in the British Isles, from Scotland to Yorkshire.


The richness of character, skill and camaraderie in our team is expressed in every fingerprint that has helped to create a piece of Kynoch cloth.

As a family-owned company, we enjoy working with our sister companies in spinning, dyeing, weaving, and finishing. Bringing together the heart and soul of textiles from Scotland to Yorkshire, manufacturing every metre in the British Isles.

With a curiosity for the new and a healthy respect for tradition, we are mindful of the importance of well-considered design. Continually striving to innovate in responsible production, the results create sustainable methods and cloth. Today this is only possible with a highly skilled and dedicated team using noble yarns, with the most modern machinery and technology. Supported by a commitment to continuous development and investment.


From International Catwalks to well-loved jackets and coats worn on a Sunday afternoon stroll with the family, Kynoch cloth exudes a relaxed luxurious quality, a wealth of colour in beautiful designs, which envelope you in comfort, warmth and joy.

Their apparel fabrics are an exciting and vibrant celebration of colour, twist yarns and luxurious handles created from natural fibres. From beautiful blends of wool and ultra-soft cashmere to contemporary blends in silk, linen and cotton.

Kynoch enjoy layering in excellence at every stage from spinning and twisting bespoke yarns, unique constructions, and weaves, to a sensitivity of touch in the final piece of cloth.

It’s all about the details and they feel strongly about taking care of these, for you.


The warm relationship between Scotland and Yorkshire has been built over centuries as we carved a reputation for excellence in textiles around the world.

As part of the SIL group, a family-owned company founded on true Yorkshire grit and determination. Kynoch enjoy working with their sister companies in yarn blending and spinning, dyeing and cloth finishing. Relying on each other for excellent service, quality, and integrity. The highly skilled team are still excited about personally making a piece of cloth, supported by the latest technology. As experts of the complex process of spinning, weaving, and finishing from beginning to end.


Kynoch’s home is the Scottish Borders town of Langholm, or as the locals would call her the “Muckle Toon”. A beautiful location with a prestigious textile reputation stretching back centuries, at its peak there were 10 textile mills in Langholm and this textile town was known around the world. An area of beguiling beauty as three rivers intersect Esk, Ewes, and Wachope along the valley floor. As the quiet of the hills rise majestically as far as the eye can see. The only punctuation on the skyline is Malcolm’s monument, the thin obelisk of stone reaching to the sky, reminiscent to many of the modern towers built to celebrate the Millenium. Dating back to 1835 the Langholm Monument on Whita Hill is a good walk and some say “a day out of sight of the monument, is a day wasted” It’s a beauty that pierces the soul.

Textile skills have been handed down through generations. There is a warmth to the history of Langholm’s yesterdays which walks hand-in-hand with today and tomorrow. A quiet dignity and pride in the people and a job well done.

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