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At Pepper Lee we make ordering the world’s finest cloth simple. Stocking and delivering collections from the world's most renowned mills and merchants in the home of textiles, Yorkshire, England. From sartorial worsted suiting, to robust jacketing and substantial coating cloths, we have something that appeals to the most discerning customer. 

We continually seek to provide the highest service, imparting our passion and knowledge into balancing traditional favourites with innovative new designs, we offer a vast range and carry one of the largest amounts of stock of any cloth merchant – guaranteeing you a speedy order and delivery.

the summer cloth

montrose bay

Montrose Bay by Kynoch of Scotland offers a versatile collection of sophisticated jacketing cloth, perfect for both casual and office attire throughout the summer.

Crafted from a delicate blend of fine wool, silk, and linen, these cloths are breathable, lightweight, and durable - ideal for keeping you comfortable and stylish during warm weather.

From classic Glen checks to vibrant summer tartans, the collection features a wide range of colours that harmonise beautifully with the season, including raspberry crush, oceanic blues, and muted creams.

“Over a 1000 different cloths all in one place and sourced from the manufacturer, easy to follow instructions and prompt delivery too. What’s not to like?”

guy weston ceo London

How to Buy

Buying Cloth direct from the Manufacturer is a unique experience and our range offers customers the opportunity to acquire our products that will last for generations in a straightforward and simple way. 

Step 1

Choose from our full range of cloths for Suiting, Jacketing and Coating.

Step 2

Our sample service means you can request your favourite cloth selection to help you decide.

step 3

Order your required length of cloth using our measurement guide.

step 4

Our courier should deliver your order within 7 days, tracking each stage of the journey.

measurement guide

made in britain

Yorkshire, England has long been the epicentre of luxury cloth manufacturing. A rich textile heritage that for centuries has supplied the world with suiting fabrics of renown that has signified status, class and power. We’re proud to carry on those traditions sourcing our cloths from the manufacturers of the mill towns that are the very soul of an global industry weaving the beauty of their heritage into every metre of cloth they produce.

John foster
kynoch of scotland
william halstead
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