New to Pepper Lee: Escorial Accessories

New to Pepper Lee: Escorial Accessories

Introducing the latest addition to Pepper Lee’s collection: Escorial scarves and stoles.

We have worked all year to develop new and interesting qualities that are fitting of the spring season. We wanted to create a collection that was unique in the way that it combines our design aesthetic along with different fibres and weights not previously used in our collections.

What makes Escorial special?

Escorial, a truly remarkable and exquisite wool, traces its origins to a unique breed of sheep hailing from the illustrious Spanish Royal Flocks of El Escorial. Today, these sheep are a rare find, primarily thriving in limited numbers within Australia and New Zealand. The extraordinary quality of Escorial wool has garnered such prestige and rarity. So, we take great pride in being the exclusive merchants stocking luxury Escorial scarves and Stoles. 

What distinguishes Escorial from Cashmere and other natural fibres, is its unique fibre which behaves like a coiled spring. When the fibre is stretched, it yearns to return to its original, beautifully curled state. This innate quality is the secret behind the lightweight and resilient nature of garments woven from Escorial wool, combined with an indulgently soft handle that caresses the skin.


Escorial Accessories

Our Escorial accessories have been woven by the iconic Joshua Ellis. A British company famous for its high-quality woven scarves and stoles across the world. Using the knowledge that has passed down generations, the Joshua Ellis expertise ensures the finest craftsmanship has been employed for these products.

We have curated a stunning collection of Escorial scarves and stoles, perfect for any occasion. Whether on a busy commute or enjoying a cooler evening out during the interseason, an Escorial garment is a wardrobe staple that not only adds warmth but elevates any and every look.

Our scarves and oversized stoles provide the perfect accessories to inject a little more life into your wardrobe. With unique designs and patterns available, the wearer is promised to stand out as an individual of style.


Our Top Picks for Escorial

Add a touch of luxury and comfort to your wardrobe this season with Escorial.  









Indulge in the luxury of Escorial and order today.

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