A Guide to Bespoke Wedding Suit Fabrics

A Guide to Bespoke Wedding Suit Fabrics

When it comes to selecting a bespoke wedding suit, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. At first glance, a classic black, or grey suit might seem like a safe choice. But a closer look reveals a world of details that make a big difference.

The fabric is what truly sets a wedding suit apart. Even suits with similar colours can vary greatly depending on the pattern, weave, composition, and weight of the material.

Here at Pepper Lee, we've simplified the wedding suit process to help you choose the perfect fabric for your dream suit.


Choosing the Perfect Material for Your Wedding Suit

As you begin your search for the perfect wedding suit material, consider these key factors:


Winter weddings call for thicker fabrics to keep you warm, while summer weddings benefit from lighter, breathable materials. For example, a linen suit fabric might not be ideal for a chilly winter wedding, and flannel suiting cloth might be too warm for an outdoor summer ceremony.

Herringbone Wool Silk Linen Jacketing Split Matt Glen Check Super 160's Wool Plain Super 120's Wool Flannel

Montrose Bay 




Oxbridge Flannel


Comfort and Familiarity

It can be an option to choose a fabric you've worn before and feel confident in. Your wedding day is about radiating confidence, so pick a material you’ve worn before or branch out and try something new. If you opt for the later option, when your suit has been made up, try it on, wear it around the house to familiarise yourself with the materials. Remember you will be wearing this suit for the majority of the day so you want to feel comfortable.


Wedding costs can add up quickly, so keep your budget in mind when selecting a fabric. Some materials, like Escorial or Cashmere blends, are more expensive than others, like lambswool.

Plain 100% Wool  Two Tone Windowpane Herringbone Wool Silk Linen Jacketing New Shade Escorial
British Classic Montrose Bay  Toledo 
£105.60 £156.00 £384.00


The Benefits of Different Fibres used for Wedding Suits.

Now that you've considered these factors, let's explore the unique benefits of some popular fibres used for wedding suits:

  • Cashmere: Incredibly soft, lightweight, and warm. It drapes beautifully and adds a touch of luxury to your suit.
  • Linen Silk: A luxurious blend that combines the coolness and breathability of linen with the smooth drape and lustre of silk. This is a perfect choice for a warm-weather wedding where you want to look sharp and feel comfortable.
  • Lambswool: A versatile and affordable option known for its warmth and breathability. Lambswool fabric tailors well and offers a classic look.
  • Escorial: Similar to cashmere in its softness and warmth, fabric made from Escorial fibres are the epitome of luxury. Rare, sustainable and traceable to origin. 

By considering these factors and the unique benefits of each material, you can choose the perfect fabric for your bespoke wedding suit.


Different Patterns for Your Big Day

A great way to express your personality through your bespoke wedding suit is through the pattern you choose. Traditionally, wedding suits were solid colours with subtle patterns. These patterns were meant to add a touch of visual interest, not to be the main focus. Common examples include herringbone, Birdseye, and sharkskin.

Today's wedding suits, sees bolder patterns embraced. These patterns, along with the colour and texture of the fabric, give your suit a unique look and feel.  Popular choices include larger patterns and higher contrasts, such as:


Bold Windowpane Check Super 120's Wool Flannel

 Hopsack Glen Check with Overcheck 100% Merino Wool



Two Tone Narrow Herringbone 100% Wool Narrow Stripe Super 100's Wool Mohair




Choosing the right pattern depends on your personal style and the overall feel of your wedding. Don't be afraid to experiment and find a pattern that makes you feel confident and reflects your character.


Popular Wedding Suit Colours

At first glance, it’s the colour of a fabric that really catches your eye. When deciding on the colour for your bespoke wedding suit, it’s important to consider the formality of the wedding, the season, and how it will complement your partner's attire and the overall wedding theme.

Light grey and navy blue remain timeless options that offer versatility and sophistication. Grey can feel more modern and airier, while blue exudes a sense of tradition and formality that looks great in photos.

For a black-tie wedding, a classic black tuxedo is the most appropriate choice. Although, if the wedding has a black dress code for guests, a white suit can be a daring and stylish choice for the groom, creating a beautiful contrast.

Park Lane Plain 100% Super 120's Wool Capetown Stripe 330g 2 Ply Mohair


Should I mix and match fabric?

Increasingly more men and women are combining styles, fabrics, structures and colours in their wedding suits. Find out more about whether you should mix and match fabrics here. 

Don’t forget, this is your style moment too. Many people opt for the traditional shades, but don't let that stop you from experimenting with a bolder colour choice.

A summer city or destination wedding is one of the best opportunities you’re going to get to embrace colour. A suit in a light, bright shade will make for a stylish nod to the romance of the occasion or perhaps green. It offers a fresh, and sophisticated alternative to traditional colours whilst still being a classic choice.

Plain Super 100's Wool Mohair Sharkskin Wool Silk Linen Jacketing Plain Kid Mohair Wool Small Windowpane Wool Silk Linen Jacketing


In conclusion, choosing the right bespoke wedding suit doesn't have to be overwhelming. By considering these factors, you can find a suit that reflects your personal style and makes you feel confident on your special day.

Don't be afraid to experiment and have fun with the process!  Remember, the most important thing is to find a suit that you love and feel amazing in as you start this new chapter with your partner.

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